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Dia De Los Muertos for Steve Jobs
Porcelain and hand painted

Here is a great reference on art theories:
MFA Designer as Author-School of Visual Arts

What's new?
I joined Vimeo
I posted a film myself and friends developed in 2003, also including one of my favorite video on motiongraphics
(i still need to edit)

Favorite studio website on motion graphics...Syndrome. They combine mix media, genre, music, and traditional art from past generations to the present.

Favorite title website on motion graphics and archives.
Captain America: First Avengers
A Kiss from Tokyo
Cowboy Bepop
Mean Streets--(great music by The Ronettes)
The Kingdom
This is England-(great soundtrack-Toots & The Maytals-54-46 was my number. I luv the footage on how it was with skins)
Under the Volcano (paper mache looks like it was done by the Linares Family-UCLA has some collection of their work)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Thank you for Smoking
Repo Man-(great soundtrack by Iggy Pop )
Gun Crazy-(nice cowboy gear-modern day outlaws)
The girl on the motorcycle
high fidelity - (great 1960s garage soundtrack-i have to look up the band)
Saturday Night Fever (luv the New York scene)
Lord of War
SLC punk (soundtrack by Exploited /sex and violence, like the concept of album covers)
Machete-(the original trailer-tacky 1970s but funny)
Wild Style-(great reference-how it first got exploited in late 1970s-early 80s)

Check out the LACMA on Tim Burton and ASCO (Chicano artist from east Los Angeles)...till October 31, 2011.
I will be having a painting and selling under the name El POnk at the Hollywood Cemetery forever on October 22, 2011.
Dia De Los Muertos

Movies Recently Watched and enjoyed.
White Lightnin' (produced by Vice magazine, great soundtrack: Hasil Adkins)
Bronson (British film-the most violent man on earth)
Viva Zapata (Marlon Brando, Anthony Quinn)
Pffft! (Jack Lemon, 1954)

E. Dietrich,John:Play Direction

copyrigth 1953

Masuoka N., Susan. En Calavera; The Papier-Mache Art of th eLinares Family
copyright 1994 regents of the University of California
ISBN: 0930741412

Reference Book for Studio Work on motion graphics:
Creative Handbook; Entertainment's Premiere Resource Book

New Video on Vimeo

1960s One Percenter Outlaw Biker

First Project on After Effects

By Oscar Pancho Torres

Story Board for 1960s One Percenter Outlaw Biker

Inspired by the 1960s films of one percenter outlaw biker, book1: Hunter S. Thompson, 'Hells Angels,' Book2: Bill Hayes, 'The Original Wild One; Tales of the Boozefighthers,'
Photographers; Danny Lyon, 'The BikeRiders, Bruce Davidson's gangs of New York

Reference films: Wild Angels...intro
: Glory Stompers...intro

Second Project on After Effects: 7 Sins: LuXuria (Lust)

By Oscar Pancho Torres

logo, ideal:

Color palette:

Reference films:
The Children of Time Square

Story of a Junkie

Onomatopoeia project- project 3

Music by NWA - something 2 dance 2[[|oscarpanchotorres/onomatopoeia]]

Project 4: Final-Public Service Annoucement:

Film: They Live


George Orwell- 1984
William Golding -Lord of the flies
Apple computer 1984-by Ridley Scott

Unplug technology and enjoy the freedom to explore physically.
still need to be edit : tonight-