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Art 56: Motion Graphics- Fall 2011, Pasadena City College


Laurie Burruss laurie.burruss@gmail.com

Attachment for 08_3D_Tutorial as a PDF:

DEC 2: PCC CLOSED DUE TO CITY OF PASADENA EMERGENCY - NO CLASSES - You may come to my house on Sunday from 2 - 5 pm!

I have looked and made comments for all the "sin" videos that I have been sent or found links to. - Laurie 11/11/11 1:21 pm EST

Onomotopoeia Project posted on Projects page with sample links - Due Nov 16

Project 02: Animated Logo - Due Oct 31! - post on Vimeo Channel and email to me!


IN MEMORIAM: Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech, Stanford University


Logo design due in Illustrator/Photoshop : DUE Mon Oct 10!

Project 02: Animated Logo up on Projects & OYO (week06) !

Project 01: Event Bumper - Critique on Wed Sep 28!

lynda.com Online Training Library available to ALL California Community College staff, faculty and students! Live now - Go check it out!

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